Additional Events

Drone Racing and Acrobatics Expo

Come watch fast-paced racing and dizzying acrobatics with Multirotor Vermont! This group of skilled pilots will race quad-rotor drones capable of speeds above 90mph through a course set up right at the fairgrounds. There will also be "freestyle" demonstrations where pilots perform flips, rolls, corkscrews, and other acrobatic stunts. Watch from the ground, or try on a pair of "first-person view" goggles to see the view in real time from the drone's perspective! Get a look at race machines up close and talk directly with pilots about the technology involved. Multirotor Vermont brings the rapidly growing sport of FPV drone racing, as seen on ESPN and beyond, right within your reach.

Multirotor Vermont ( and its members have organized drone racing events across the state since 2015, providing fast-paced action via remotely piloted quadcopters using first-person view cameras. It provides an inclusive environment for competition where every member makes a firm commitment to safety. It also works closely with the Northern New England Drone User Group to provide STEM education opportunities and promote responsible use of technology. MRVT is a registered chapter of MultiGP ( a global drone racing league with over 1,000 chapters and 20,000 registered pilots.