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New Name and Logo

Same Compassionate Mission

New Name and Logo!




Katie Ware, Dogs for Better Lives trainer, pictured above with Issy, Certified Hearing Assistance Dog.



As of November 1, 2017

Dogs for the Deaf will begin doing

business as Dogs for Better Lives.


Our new name and logo have been under development for over a year and the process was part of a board approved three-year Strategic Plan for the organization.


Dogs for Better Lives reflects every part of what our organization

has grown to offer in the way of Assistance Dogs.

Quite simply, our name is our promise.


Our mission remains the same. We will continue to rescue dogs suitable for all of our programs and increase our placement of Assistance Dogs nationally - just as we’ve done for the past 40 years.


As we start operations with the revised branding, a few things will be different. For example, the new logo that you will see in the publications you receive and on our website. Furthermore, as valued part of the organization through your faithful support, you will begin to write the new name on your check – if that is your preferred method of giving. And it’s the name you’ll see on your gift receipt when we acknowledge your support. Our shirts, Assistance Dog vests, and gift shop items will reflect the new name and logo as well.


We will work to expand Assistance Dog placements throughout all three programs, and we look forward to expanding to an even more diverse group of clients. You can be sure that training Hearing Dogs will continue just as it always has – that will never change. Our new Training Facility is scheduled to be completed by late Spring of 2018 and it will help even more dogs and people.


To our volunteers, philanthropic friends, and sponsors who have been with us throughout this 40 year history, we say "Thank you." A new name and logo can brand a mission, but you help sustain the mission. Please take a moment to visit our new website at www.dogsforbetterlives.org.


With your support, we will continue to do great things for dogs and people.


Our Name is our Promise.



President & CEO




Our mission at Dogs for Better Lives is to professionally train dogs to help people and enhance lives while maintaining a lifelong commitment to all dogs we rescue or breed and the people we serve.


The Investor's Report is a quarterly eNewsletter that goes to those who have been making a significant investment in the important work we do to save the lives of dogs and enrich the lives of people.